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This software is considered numero uno for most people of the trade. The reason is simple. It provides every information related to stock just at the single click. The display can be viewed in any of the various forms of charts – for example, signal chart, glance chart, detail chart etc.
Furthermore, the reason this device is considered the best is that there is a very special proprietary “super trend index” indicator. This indicator actually tells the user when to buy and when not to buy the stocks. That is why trade gurus actually swear by this particular software.
It is fairly simple to use. Everything is accessible at a single click. Along with that, it has an advanced charting tool. The user can select any one from the list. That is not all- the best thing about this software is that it can analyze any chart from the web. This is one function many software companies choose to ignore.
It can show you the market map. In this way, the progress of the index is at your finger tips- literally. Another important feature is that everything is customizable. The user can change the settings according to their needs. That means the user has the freedom to personalize it.
Moreover, it graphically displays the SUPER TREND INDEX. This indicates the current trends of the market. As well as the crucial information about the right time and place to buy the stocks, or give it a miss altogether. That is the reason as to why this software is on top of our list.


I would be completely honest with you. This software is not as great as the Analyzer Plus. Nevertheless, it is not that bad. We will analyze it now.
Primarily, the black box programmers developed this software, which is only available to hedge funds and large Market Makers and institutions. In short, this software is designed for professionals only. That is its biggest flaw. It is by far too technical and therefore only professional people can access this device. It is not as simple as the previous one, where everything is available at the click.
On the up side, this device gives the most accurate charts possible. That is why it is more reliable. Therefore, if the user is a professional and feels at ease with the technicalities. In that case, this device is the mother of all software. Otherwise, go for the simplest version.
Another downfall of this device is that it is too expensive. The reason is that it is designed for professional. Therefore, institutes and professionals can pay for the hefty figure – individuals are most likely to avoid it. Therefore, our recommendation is to choose the first one for first timers.


The best thing about this device is that it enables its users to read twenty three hundred worldwide newspapers directly. It provides all the newspapers at a single click.
Furthermore, the user can also get an access to the twenty two hundred worldwide finance securities stock exchange websites. This is what actually gives access to its users to monitor worldwide stock daily trends. This allows the users to access the required information from anywhere around the globe. That is why this software is best suited to those who are likely to travel a lot. This keeps them up to date with the latest trends at all times. It costs $249.95 only. It is a fairly simple software and easy to handle.


This particular software has it all – it organizes literally any kind of information for the user. It provides database and information for business and organizations. It also provides ready to use library managers and asset trackers for its users. This is an intuitively designed application for the market. That is why the users have access to professional and thorough information at all times.
In my opinion, this particular software is hundred percent ideal for use by the small businesses like cottage industry, or home users. It is cost effective as compared to the other devices available in the market. It does not provide all the functions and facilities like other software’s do. Nevertheless, for a start, it is not bad.
It is easy to understand. The charts are easy to grasp, even by the most non-technical users. That is why I personally would recommend this software. The best reason to convince you is that – this software definitely does not need any rocket scientist from NASA to figure out how this works. It is extremely simple. This can tackle minimalist cataloging needs and simple tasks. Therefore, it should suit the users who have just started to get the hang of things in the trade world.

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