donderdag 28 juli 2011

The proposal

In response to an email I recieved:
I’ve heard about marketing related blogs, but I think they will be hard to pull off. You need a number of ingredients:


Knowledge is the hardest, I think, especially if you aren’t selling a service. Why? Because people are going to be most interested the experiences of other users like themselves. No one wants to hear a salesman pontificate about his products success and wonderful uses, will they? (Services are different because you are selling your knowledge.)

My idea is to do a limited-time blog for the sole purpose of documenting a customer experience. Take my current shopping for a CRM program and subsequent installation. A blog could be a diary of my experience. The CRM company could feature my blog as a way to let new potential clients see and prepare for such an undertaking. Of course the question is how do my efforts become owned/used by the company I am buying from and why?


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